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Top 5 state in india

Tamilnadu is the best condition of india, It has extremely rich social foundation express, various sanctuaries, Industries, colleges, Hospitals, Tourist places, IT compnies, Star inns and so on and so on
Tamilnadu is second Highest GDP crossing state
Tamil is mother dialects for Malayalam, telegu, kannada
Tamilnadu Have greatest sanctuaries in world Srirangam world (second biggest ), Chidambaram world (third biggest)
Madurai, Tanjore, Mahabalipuram shore temples,Rameshwaram,Tiruvarur Temples Various Murugan and amman sanctuaries r the case for Best case for design
chennai, coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, salem are Biggest urban areas of tamilnadu
ooty, kodaikanal,yercaud,vaalparai,Kanyakumar, best sightseers territories draws in more vacationers from india and world nations
Tamilnadu is very much associated Railway and transport courses (Many national parkways)

• Kerala
Kerala is most urbanized state in India. In every single other state advancements are just city focused. Be that as it may, here whole Kerala can be viewed as a major city. There is no much contrast in the way of life of town individuals and city individuals here, on the grounds that the majority of the general population are very instructed. Kerala is number one in instruction, wellbeing areas. You can see something like one instructive and also wellbeing organizations in each panchayath of Kerala. Be that as it may, in every single other state, including Tamil Nadu, the panchayaths are not created contrasted with Kerala. Joblessness is the essential issue of Kerala.

Extraordinary state in India
Created in all departments
Yah! It is the best state in India.
It incorporates stimulation and significantly more things appreciate, and it is the best state for ladies wellbeing, when the young lady tyke conceived in any family they feel pride rather than dishope this is the extraordinary culture of Gujarat.

Number 1 position : Maharashtra
Gross domestic product: $190.310 billion
Gross domestic product per capita: $1,568
India's most extravagant state, Maharashtra is the second most urbanized state.
It is the second most crowded and third biggest state by zone in India. It has a high rate of financial development, and the greatest commitment originates from the administrations segment.

Maharashtra contributes 15 percent of national mechanical yield and more than 40 percent of India's national income. Indias o programming delivering state. Having biggest medicinal, pharma and building universities. Other than mumbai, IT center point pune has silicon valley of india ;nashik, nagpur, aurangabad and baramati are very much industrilised urban communities of maharashtra.

Best culture in light of the fact that in Goa you have opportunity to act naturally. On the off chance that anybody gives you great time you say he or she was incredible and in my insight Goa indicates everybody a decent time. Be that as it may, there is parcel of things are there to be enhanced like ladies security encourage lines. We have to instruct individuals and we need records of the general population managing visitors for security reason since I have sceen part of individuals with no id card records managing travelers in awful manner+29

Truly Goa is extremely exceptionally beautifull...

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