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Sairam dave struggle life,education and birth,wikipedia,shayri,dayro

Sairam dave struggle life,education,wikipedia,shayri,dayro

sairam dave

Struggle Life of  Sairam dave

sairam dave is a gujrati humorist and people writing craftsman from gondal town in saurastra area. sairam is the a standout amongst the most young skilled worker who regarded like this kind of purashkar. he is a fiery and excited craftsman whose 3 hours organization can excape and support your sensory system for 365 days nervousness.

to save the familial creative tradion of music and verse as go from his dad (mr. vishnuprasad dave a will known bhajnik) sairam choose to be an artist subsequent to outfitting himself with a confirmation in electric designing. he was chosen focus first position anchoring 80% in essential educator course from locale foundation of instruction preparing in amreli raise 1997, at that point enterd the field of social people workmanship in year a youthful age of 34 years he had discharged more than 34 differen kinds of sound video collections on amusingness, society writing and culture.

sairam dave has grand distinction in gujrat with arrival of his best sound collection "chaman banega crorepati" regarded shri rameshbhai oza ('bhaishree'), introduced "sairam naa hastaa akshar" on seventh februalry 2007 which is a first one of a kind creation in itself blending satire, catastrophe and righteousness of nationalism. in 2008 boss clergyman narendra modi initiated the second version of "sairam naa hastaa akshar" in the age of 32. in 2007 gujrat government regarded sairam dave with a gujarat guaraw purashkar. this is struggle life of sairam dave

he is a national writer, who made 'gujrati chalisa' also made in excess of 60 melodies identified with gujrat's pride. he has additionally associated with social plans like young lady youngster training, celebrations, enviroment etc....

in year 2000 all india rajkot center insisted him as "B High audit" individuals composing arist. since 2000 he gave packs of presentations and visited even more abroad countries like dubai, london.kenya,masqat,tanzania and abu dhabi to spread indian culture and individuals united with amusingness.

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Sairam dave Education and birth
sairam dave

Sairam Dave birth is on 7 February 1977 in Gondal Village. His father Mr. Vishnuprasad Dave a prominent Bhajnik for over 35 years. Prashant Dave also called Sairam Dave looked for after his acknowledgment in contraptions building. In any case, his destiny drove him elsewhere.His adventure as an expert began while he was a teacher. , "I done my PTC course from Amreli. sairam dave educated from amreli It was the time when I was filling in as a teacher that the skilled worker in me was mixed. I hold my related teachers, understudies and buddies accountable for this. 

They helped me tap my internal capacity. I had started doing programs while in second year of PTC and the money earned was used for cabin costs and to help colleagues who needed monetary support."

Sairma dave Wikipedia

In a youthful age of 34 years he had discharged in excess of 34 distinct kinds of sound video albums on funniness, society writing and culture.

Sairam dave shayri

sairam dave

"કેટલાંક લોકો પાણી ગાળી ને પિતા હોય છે, 
                લોહી ડાયરેક્ટ પિતા હોય છે."

"પરસેવાનો રૂપિયા પાર-સેવામાં  લાગે
              ત્યારે જ જીવન ધન્ય બને."

"રાજકારણના તમામ પક્ષના લોકોનું
               બ્લુડગ્રૂપ એક જ હોય છે."

"જખમ અને જોખમ નો સરવાળો એટલે જીંદગી."
sairam dave

Sairam dave dayro

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