Friday, 8 March 2019

The story of the bird changed the life of Kalam

The story of the bird changed the life of Kalam

This is the time when APJ Abdul Kalam Sahab was only studying in class 5 in the age of 10. His school used to be a very good teacher Shiva Subramanian Iyer. All children used to attend their class very carefully. One day he made a picture of a bird flapping on the black board. In which he explained the bird's head, tail, and whole body (by raising it), how the birds raise themselves in the air and fly. They also explained how they change direction during the flight. In about 25 minutes of lectures, he told how birds, uprooted, and 10, 20 or 30 birds form different forms of bird formation. At the end of class, he wanted to know which child was well understood, then Kalam Sahib said, "I did not understand. "Then they asked other children, so most of the children responded that they did not even understand. Despite such a response to children, Subramaniam Sir was not uncomfortable. Being a committed teacher, he told the children that in the evening we all will be walking on the beach, there will be birds flying naturally, so that everything will be understood. " The story of that bird was about to change the life of Kalam"

On that evening, the subramanian took the entire class of Sir Kalam Sahib to the coast of Rameswaram. The whole class saw the sea waves roaring joyfully with the sandy edges, as well as making the sound of a sweet twitch with birds making the various shapes (Thuotongjvade) flying in the 10-20 group. The birds were seen flying in a beautiful formation and the teacher thought of the reason for the reason, the whole class remained amazed, he explained how birds look like when flying, birds wings, then tilt their tails. Walks. With this, the children carefully noticed that the birds in which direction they want are twisted in the same direction. They asked the class further that where the engine is in these birds and where does this power get from them, Kalam sahib explains on this, "We have come to understand that for the fulfillment of the birds, With inspiration, you get strength from your body only. We have understood all these things in 15 minutes. "Further he says that" through such a great teacher, we have explained a theoretical lesson with experiential evidences available in nature, which gives us the complete dynamics of the birds We understand whole bird dynamics understood.

Kalam Sahab explains that, "For me, this incident is not enough to understand the flight of birds. The flight of birds had entered inside me, and a special kind of awakening in me became awakened and I decided that my future would be related to education, flight and flight system. Thus, this incident of real teaching of Subramanian sir had fixed the career of my future. This incident proved to be a turning ponit in my life. "

One evening after the class, Kalam received information from his teacher that he should study further for studying in connection with the flight. So he told that after studying in class VIII and high school with full hard work and hard work, then after studying in the field of engineering, in the engineering college. In this way, this incident of teacher ji and the interpretation of the birds' flight practice has set the goal of  Kalam's life. They say that "this incident has given my life a target and mission." After studying physics at the college, MIT took the course of Aeronautical Engineering. Thus my life became transformed into a rocket engineer, aerospace engineer and technologist. The story of the bird changed the life of Kalam

Friends, we know the full journey ahead of the life of Kalam Sahab. Thus, all of us, especially children, should always keep eyes, ears and mind open, so whenever there is a ray of light of knowledge in life, imitating the Kalam sahib should decide the goal of his life for the right time (Giving aim at right time)


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